Fully Automated.

Zero Production Errors.

Enveloping of spine

Our batteries have zero chanes of getting short. Automated enveloping ensures that each spine gets into their respective hole in the envelope bag.

Negative grid casting

Our batteries have consistent quality. Our German machines ensure that every plate has 3.2mm thickness and retains the same quality for every negative grid.

Positive spine casting

Our batteries have unbreakable spine. Our German machines use 240 to 360 bar pressure as opposed to 120 bar pressure used by the other Indian manufracturers

Negative pasting

Our batteries have automated dual side pasting, while other battery manufracturers do only one side pasting. 1.5% free lead ensures sturdy pasting.

100% Product Inspection.

Never run out of charge.

Grid Test

We make sure that there is no breakage from the border on the grid. And its aged properly. Its important for battery life.

Paste Density check

We check the paste density, if the density is not upto the mark then the paste shedding will be more and life will be less. Our paste density is in the range of 4.45 to 4.55.

Lead test post plate curing

We do free Lead test to ensure that the plates are cured well. Else, the plate shedding and corrosion will happen & impact battery life. Our free lead is in the range of 1.2 to 1.4

Sear testing

We check the intercell welding is proper and current flow across cells is seamless.

Short Circuit Test

We check if there is any separator missed between the plates and and plate with moist is used. If it exists, there will be short circuit.

Air leakage test

We conduct intercell and lid sealing air leakage test. It ensures that the air is not passed through one cell to another and the battery is completely 12V and saves from water spillage also.

Iron & Chlorine test

We test the impurities in the battery after charging, if its more then the self discharge rate will increase, and battery life would be compromised.

Voltage check

We check state of the current in the battery after every charge, discharge cycle and finally right before packaging in order to ensure voltage consistency.

Gravity test

We check gravity of the each cell of the battery to ensure that the battery is charged completely.

Automated Weight Check

We conduct a comprehensive weight check to ensure product consistency.

Automated HRD Check

We put five times the load on the battery in order to check the battery strength.

Quality guarantee with 18* month warranty

Every battery is packed with

A quality-checked label
A warranty card

Every battery is dispatched in

Sturdy Denim ply cartons
World-class Pallets

HIND Batteries

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